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Dr. Michelle Nokken





Associate Professor



Telephone: 514-848-2424 Ext 7806
Fax: 514-848-7965


1515 St. Catherine W. (map)
Rm: EV-6.124


Dr. Nokken obtained BASc and PhD degrees from the University of Toronto in 1999 and 2004, respectively. Her research is focused on the concrete performance and durability of concrete materials subjected to a number of deterioration mechanisms. She joined the faculty of Concordia in September 2004.



Dr. Michelle Nokken is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering. She obtained BASc and PhD degrees from the University of Toronto in 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Dr. Nokken's received several awards during her doctoral research including two consectutive NSERC post-graduate scholarships and a fellowship from the Portland Cement Association.

Prior to attending the University of Toronto for her BASc and PhD degrees, Dr. Nokken worked in industry for several years. She was involved in projects such as: research concerning sustainable development projects; energy analysis of single and multi-family residential housing; design of passive solar, straw bale and log homes.


Membership in External Organizations

  • American Concrete Institute - Faculty Network, Committees 201, 231, 236.
  • American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Professional Engineers of Ontario.



  • Development of on-site techniques to assess adequate curing and durability of concrete
  • Durability health monitoring
  • Repair and rehabilitation of civil infrastructure
  • Optimization of supplementary materials for sustainability and durability
  • Permeability and Pore Structure Development
  • Cemented mine backfill

Interested graduate students should have some knowledge of concrete properties and material behaviour, as well as a basic understanding of cement hydration and chemical deterioration processes in concrete. As a large part of the research for these projects is experimental, a willingness to get dirty and occasionally lift heavy objects is a plus.


Current Graduate Students

  • Mr. Farzaan Abbasy – Capturing Geothermal Energy from Underground Mines (co-supervised with Dr. F. Hassani, McGill)
  • Mr. Pejman Neloovaght Motlagh – Investigation of the Influence of Microwaves on the Fracture of Rock (co-supervised with Dr. F. Hassani, McGill)
  • Mr. Reza Mohammadi Ahani – Effect of Freezing Regime on Scaling Resistance
  • Mr. Nasri Morcos – Measuring Curing Effectiveness with Embedded Sensors
  • Mr. Sohrab Zamani – Development of Alternative Mine Backfill Materials (co-supervised with Dr. Hassani at McGill)


Completed Graduate Students



  • BLDG 6931 Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • ENGR 691B Performance and Durability of Concrete Materials
  • BLDG 462/BLDG 6621 Modern Building Materials
  • CIVI 432 Soil Mechanics (Fall 2004)
  • CIVI 321 Engineering Materials
  • ENGR 242 Statics
  • ENGR 244 Mechanics of Materials



Refereed Journal Publications

  • M. R. Nokken, A. E. Boddy, X. Wu and R. D. Hooton, "Effects of temperature, chemical and mineral admixtures on the electrical conductivity of concrete", Journal of ASTM International, accepted January 2008
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Contributions to Books

  • N. Hearn, R. D. Hooton and M. R. Nokken, Pore Structure and Permeability, Chapter 23 in Significance of Tests and Properties of Concrete and Concrete-Making Materials, ASTM STP 169D, American Society for Testing and Materials, May 2006, pp. 238-252


Refereed Conference Papers

  • T. Salloum, M. R. Nokken, L. Tran, “Effect of Fly Ash Replacement on Alkali and Sulphate Resistance of Mortars”, International Conference on Sustainability in the Cement and Concrete Industry, September 16 – 19 2007, Lillehammer Norway, pp. 558-567.
  • F. P. Hassani, M. R. Nokken and A. B. Annor, A., “An investigation into composite minefill characteristics”, 9th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, April 19 – May 2, 2007, Montreal Canada (CD-ROM proceedings)
  • Nokken, M. R., and R. D. Hooton, “Discontinuous Capillary Porosity in Concrete – Does it Exist?”, International Symposium: Advances in Concrete through Science and Engineering, Evanston IL, March21-24,2004 (CD-ROM proceedings)
  • Nokken, M. R. and R. D. Hooton, “Development of Early-Age Impermeability in Concrete”, PCI Bridge Conference and FHWA-PCI International Symposium on High Performance Concrete, Orlando FL, October 19-23, 2003. (Paper 104, CD-ROM proceedings)
  • Nokken, M. R. and R. D. Hooton, “Evaporative Transport of Chlorides in Concrete”, Proceedings Third International Conference on Concrete Under Severe Conditions, Vancouver BC, June 2001, pp. 357-364.



  • Nokken, M. R., Development of Discontinuous Capillary Porosity in Concrete and its Influence on Durability, PhD thesis, 2004, University of Toronto. Available as a PDF from the Portland Cement Association (SN2861).


Non Refereed Publications

  • Nokken, M. R., Book Review of “Water Transport in Brick, Stone and Concrete”, Cement, Concrete and Aggregates. Vol. 25, No. 1, June 2003, pg 28.
  • Thompson, Kim, Jennifer Corson, Michelle Nokken, Chris Watts, and Ken Wilkie. Straw Bale Construction: A Manual for Maritime Regions. Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia: Straw Bale Herbals, 1993. ISBN 0-9680526-0-6



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