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BCEE offers programs of study in Building Engineering,also known in the US as Architectural Engineering, and Civil Engineering which includes Environmental Engineering as an option and a major research area. The CEAB-accredited undergraduate programs lead to the B.Eng. degree while the graduate programs include the Graduate Certificates, the MEng, MASc and PhD degrees.



Undergraduate Programs


B.Eng. Civil Engineering

The BEng (Civil) program consists of the Engineering Core, Civil Engineering Core, and Elective Courses chosen from one of three options: Civil Infrastructure, Environmental, and Construction Engineering and Management. Learn more.


B.Eng. Building Engineering

The B.Eng (Bldg) program consists of the Engineering Core, Building Engineering core, and electives in Building Engineering. Learn more.




Graduate Programs


PhD. Program

Our PhD. program is designed to provide students an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible expertise in Building Engineering and Civil Engineering through intensive research.


Master’s Program

We offer both research oriented and course-based Master’s degree programs in Building Engineering and Civil Engineering with nine specializations.


Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate in Building Engineering is designed for practicing engineers who wish to specialize in any of seven sub-disciplines within Building Engineering.


Faculty Research, Facilities and Centres


Leading Edge Research

Our faculty undertake leading edge research in various areas of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering. Explore our faculty research.


Research Facilities

Our department is home to state-of-the-art research facilities, including one-of-a-kind research facilities in Building Engineering. Learn more about our research facilities.


Research Centres

Our department is home to 2  research centres. Click here to learn more.


Students Services


Undergraduate Students

We have over 800 undergraduate students from all over the world. Click here to learn about undergraduate student services.


Graduate Students

We have over 500 Canadian and international graduate students. Click here to learn about graduate student services.

Prospective Students

Click here to learn about the admission process, requirements and application deadlines.

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