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  • Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering
  • Rehabilitation and structural health monitoring
  • Reinforced concrete structures


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Strong frame equipped with three servo-hydraulic actuators, an MTS digital servo-controller, two hydraulic service manifolds and a high capacity hydraulic power unit. This new test system is capable of large scale static and dynamic structural simulation and applies precise, variable loads both vertically and horizontally.

Each heavy duty, double acting, servo-hydraulic actuator is capable of applying up to 1000 KN in either compression or tension. They are equipped with: precision computer controlled servo valves, LVDT’s for measuring displacement and load cells for measuring force. Swivel bases and rod ends provide pivotal freedom at both ends of the actuators.

The servo-controller combines precise, real-time, closed loop control and function generation to drive the system’s hydraulic and mechanical components. The controller also provides signal conditioning, real-time feedback and data acquisition. Utilizing digital universal conditioners (DUC’s) capable of high resolution and repeatability the controller can accurately condition transducer output over the full range of the transducer and can accommodate both AC and DC transducers.

The hydraulic power unit can deliver up to 340 L/ min at pressures up to 21 MPa. The hydraulic service manifold serves to damp pressure line fluctuations, allows for smooth transitions from low pressure to high pressure operation, and distributes hydraulic fluid to up to four test stations.




Concordia University