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Solar Energy / Lighting Lab & Solar House


Research activities

The focus is on integration of solar energy systems into buildings to generate electricity, useful heat and for daylighting. A key element of our approach is that solar technologies are integrated in an optimal manner with energy efficiency measures, with the building envelope and with HVAC systems, so the potential energy savings are even higher than separately applying the two approaches and reductions in total cost may be realized.

The main research facilities include:

  • Solar-Daylighting lab on the 16th floor of the EV building and an outdoor test facility consisting of 3 test-rooms on the roof of BE building. The Solar-Daylighting lab and its adjacent atrium as well as the roof of EV and BE will be used for many unique projects of the Network. A variety of equipment has been acquired, including solar instruments, particle image velocimetry system, heat flow meters. Our lab also includes an artificial sky (3 x 3 x 3 m) facility.
  • A unique outdoor test facility is currently being used to investigate innovative solar façade and roof systems funded by NSERC strategic grant and industrial/NRCan support.
  • The recently established facility at Loyola Campus: the Solar Decathlon house. This 800 square foot house participated in the 2005 Solar Decathlon competition in Washington DC and upon its return was set up on a permanent foundation as a demonstration solar house and research facility.


Laboratory Courses

  • Bldg 365: Building Science
  • Bldg 366: Acoustics and Lighting


Research staff


Solar Decathlon House located at Loyola Campus: it includes an advanced BIPV/T system, motorized blinds and other energy efficiency measures.

Façade section of solar-daylighting lab in EV building; it will be used in the project on solar optimization of perimeter zones with different types of motorized blinds and perimeter heating.

BIPV/T double façade test facility, including PV and motorized blinds (one of three test-rooms in outdoor test facility on the roof of the BE-building)




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