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Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Lab


Research activities

The laboratory has a comprehensive program of research and technical services to evaluate and solve:

  • Indoor air quality problems
  • Ventilation system performance

It also performs:

  • Tracer gas assessment of ventilation
  • Mathematical analysis and modeling of complex flow systems, including heat, air and moisture transfer, contaminant migration and dispersal, and thermal comfort.
  • Assessment of the ventilation system performance using tracer gas
  • Material characterization


Facilities and equipment

In addition to the large scale Environmental Chamber housed elsewhere, the laboratory also contains the following:

  • A unique small velocity controlled test chamber to measure material emission
  • Two gas chromatographs ( GC)
  • An indoor climate analyzer
  • A twin test chamber ( 55 cu.m. )
  • A variety of portable measuring instruments
  • Electronic balance
  • Climatic chamber for sensory and chemical analysis


Current projects

  • Characterization of VOC Emissions from Material due to Air Movement, Temperature and Relative Humidity Variations
  • A Comprehensive Research of Ventilation Impact on Indoor Air Quality Problems in Partitioned Offices
  • Identification and Quantification of Pollution Sources in Buildings and HVAC Systems
  • Integration of Existing Building Energy Analysis Programs with airflow models


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